About Us

Jane and Julian Bills, Directors of Chester Wellness Centre, have many years experience offering health, medical and complementary treatments and fitness training. For 20 years they have consistently believed in a fully integrated approach to health and well-being and in opening Chester Wellness Centre in 2006 they were able to significantly extend the range of treatments and services offered to clients. Chester Wellness Centre brings together the very best in health, medical and complementary treatments and care in an environment that promotes a holistic view of wellness. The Grade 2 listed building has custom designed facilities and the skilled practitioners all work to develop a programme that is tailored to clients’ requirements, while the fitness and relaxation facilities help ensure that every need is catered for.

Whether viewed in terms of location, surroundings, facilities or overall philosophy, Chester Wellness Centre has developed into one of the UK’s finest locations for health, medical and complementary care and treatment where you and your family have the freedom to choose what is best for your own bodies.