Allergy Testing, Bowen Technique & Kinesiology

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Integral Patterning – Kinesiology, Bowen Technique, Allergy Testing

Integral Patterning: Understand what your body really needs to be healthy.

Imagine if you could ask your body what you really needed to enjoy vibrant health and well-being. This is the founding principle of Kinesiology, the grounding technique for Integral Patterning. Listening to your body, with a focus on cause (rather than symptom) from an Integral perspective; mind, body, relationships, culture and environment and how they make (or break) our health.

Kinesiology communicates with the body using gentle non-invasive muscle testing. This highly skilled technique involves applying light pressure to a muscle and monitoring how it responds. No two sessions are ever the same. In a single session a therapist may identify allergies or chemical imbalances, release psychological or emotional stress and may give you advice on changes in lifestyle.
Each session last around an hour and you lie down on a therapy couch fully clothed.

With allergy reactions on the rise, changes in modern living, an increasingly complex environment, it can be difficult to determine what the trigger actually is. Allergy testing allows gives you a clear and concise response to a wide range of potential allergens. We differentiate between allergy and low tolerance so you know what needs total avoidance and what you can allow a small amount of.

We are currently testing for 560 different substances, these include:
200 foods, alcohols, milks and milk substitutes, wheat, gluten, sugar; over 50 food additives, food phenolics, over 50 pollens,

dusts and moulds, 125 industrial chemicals and inhalants, 70 pesticides, over 50 fragrances and personal care items and 25 common metals.

Using gentle muscle testing and energy assessment techniques from Kinesiology; we monitor the body’s response when we place a sample of a potential allergen on the body, just below the navel.

All samples remain sealed in glass vials so there is no chance of a reaction and there is definitely no use of needles, blood testing or scratch testing. Most people find the experience relaxing and intriguing.

This research backed, deceptively gentle, soft tissue manipulation allows for release of pain and tension held in the physical body. It has been used successfully for issues such as back, neck, should pain, problems with knees, hips, ankles and wrists. It can also be used for breathing difficulties, asthma, hormonal problems, post trauma and post-surgical recovery. PTSD, anxiety, pregnancy pains and much more.

Bowen Technique is characterised by its ‘less is more’ approach. Simple rolling movements are done on specific points of the body and then left to rest for several minutes to allow the body to respond, thus stimulating the self-repair mechanisms. Deeply relaxing, rapidly effective and gentle application make this the postural correction therapy of choice.