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Lymphatic drainage is a vital process in the body, crucial for removing toxins and excess fluids, supporting immune function, and enhancing overall health. The Body Ballancer Suit represents a cutting-edge approach to promoting lymphatic drainage. Utilising advanced compression technology, this suit massages the body, encouraging the natural flow of lymph fluid. It’s designed for those seeking a non-invasive method to support their lymphatic system, improve circulation, and achieve well-being.


Lymphatic Drainage

The lymphatic system, integral to our body’s defence mechanism, operates as a critical filtration and waste removal network. It is pivotal in fluid balance, nutrient transport, and immune response. Adequate lymphatic drainage is essential for maintaining health, as it helps reduce water retention, detoxify the body, and bolster immune functions. By efficiently removing waste and excess fluids, lymphatic drainage supports the body’s resilience against illness and contributes to overall well-being.


Body Ballancer Suit

The Body Ballancer Suit is an innovative compression therapy system that enhances lymphatic drainage. It employs a massage technique that applies gentle, rhythmic pressure to the body, mimicking the natural lymphatic flow. This technology, based on medical principles used in lymphatic drainage therapy, aids in the efficient removal of waste and excess fluids. Its unique approach offers a non-invasive, relaxing method to support the body’s natural processes, promoting better health and wellness.

Benefits of Using the Body Ballancer Suit

The Body Ballancer Suit offers comprehensive benefits for health and wellness. It aids in reducing water retention and may contribute to weight loss. Users can experience improved skin tone and a reduction in cellulite appearance. The suit helps boost the immune system, reduces stress and tension, and lessens post-exercise inflammation. Additionally, it promotes a healthier gut, enhances circulation for better fat burning, and effectively removes toxins. The treatment, lasting 30-60 minutes, requires no downtime. It’s particularly beneficial for lymphatic drainage, aiding muscle recovery, reducing post-flight swelling, and supporting individuals with Lymphedema and Lipedema.

Body Ballancer Suit Complements Health and Wellness

The Body Ballancer Suit seamlessly integrates into health and wellness routines, offering a modern alternative to traditional lymphatic drainage massage. Unlike manual therapies, the suit provides consistent pressure, ensuring uniform treatment across the body. This technology complements other wellness practices by enhancing relaxation, improving recovery times, and supporting detoxification processes. It offers a convenient and efficient method to achieve the benefits of lymphatic drainage without the variability and time constraints of manual treatments.

The Body Ballancer is a compression therapy system that offers a non-invasive solution for various aesthetic and health concerns. It uses the principles of manual lymphatic drainage to improve skin tone, reduce cellulite, and alleviate bloating. The therapy involves wearing specialised garments that deliver precise pressure to stimulate the lymphatic system, enhancing circulation and promoting the removal of waste and excess fluids. This results in improved skin quality, reduced volume in areas prone to fluid retention, and improved overall health and wellness.


Body Ballancer at Chester Wellness Centre

As part of our beauty and body treatments, Chester Wellness Centre offers the Body Ballancer treatment, a practical lymphatic drainage suit ideal for fluid retention and detoxification. We provide standalone sessions, combined treatments with other services, and Dermalux options.


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