Hearing Services


We are an independent hearing service providing a full range of high quality private audiological services for adults, children and young people. Our team is comprised of a Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser and a Registered Clinical Scientist both of whom are HCPC registered ensuring that we have the necessary training and experience to provide an extensive range of audiological services.

We are able to offer full hearing assessments taking into account the individual needs of our adult clients in order to create an individual management plan. This may include the provision of hearing aids, use of hearing tactics, hearing counselling and rehabilitation, the use of assistive listening devices and onward referrals to other professionals when needed.
We have considerable experience of carrying out a range of hearing assessment techniques for children from infants up to young adults.

We can advise families on the suitability of hearing aid(s) as well as providing a range of hearing aid styles and programming options available based on the needs of their child. We also provide regular hearing aid reviews, hearing aid aftercare and provision of hearing aid accessories to ensure children are always benefiting from their hearing aids.

We are able to provide full assessments for tinnitus (noises heard in the ear or in the head which are not coming from an external source) and hyperacusis (oversensitivity to certain sounds) taking into account the individual needs and circumstances of the adult or the child and to create a personalised management programme.

We provide a full range of hearing protection and communication products that are designed to help you enjoy sound safely. We cater for all individual needs including musicians, industrial workers, motorcyclists, recreational activities, those working in the aviation field, swimmers and to support effective sleeping.