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Welcome to Chester Wellness Centre, a premier facility dedicated to providing exceptional physiotherapy care in the heart of Chester. Our centre is renowned for its commitment to enhancing the well-being of each patient through personalised and comprehensive physiotherapy services. At Chester Wellness, we understand that health is your most valuable asset, and our goal is to help you maintain and improve it through expert, compassionate care.

Physiotherapy plays a pivotal role in managing and rehabilitating various physical ailments. It is a dynamic profession that uses a range of treatments and techniques to restore movement and function, alleviate pain, and promote overall health. Whether recovering from an injury, managing chronic pain, or striving to improve your physical performance, physiotherapy offers a pathway to better health without reliance on medication or surgery.

At Chester Wellness Centre, we pride ourselves on our holistic approach, which looks beyond immediate symptoms to address the root causes of your health issues. This philosophy ensures that each treatment plan is tailored to your needs and supports long-term health and mobility. With a strong focus on patient education, we empower you to participate actively in your recovery and future health.


Physiotherapy Services

At Chester Wellness Centre, our physiotherapy services are designed to address various conditions and patient needs through innovative and traditional treatments. Our approach is rooted in creating personalised and evidence-based treatment plans that aim to alleviate symptoms, address underlying causes, and prevent recurrence. Here’s a comprehensive overview of the services provided by Relieve Physiotherapy and Chartered Physiotherapist Andrea Townson:

Musculoskeletal Disorders
The diagnosis, treatment, and management of musculoskeletal disorders. Whether you’re dealing with chronic pain or an acute injury, our expert team is skilled in treating:

  • Back Pain:
    From lumbar sprains to chronic disc issues, we offer treatments that alleviate pain and improve mobility.
  • Neck Pain:
    We address various conditions, from whiplash to cervical spondylosis, focusing on pain relief and functional recovery.
  • Shoulder Injuries:
    Our treatments include rehabilitation for rotator cuff injuries, frozen shoulder, and post-operative recovery.
  • Knee Injuries:
    We treat conditions such as ACL injuries, meniscus tears, and arthritis with tailored rehabilitation programs.
  • Sports Injuries:
    Our sports physiotherapy services cater to athletes of all levels, focusing on injury prevention, recovery, and performance enhancement.

Specialised Services
Specialised services that integrate various therapeutic approaches:

  • Occupational Health:
    We provide ergonomic assessments and customised interventions to prevent workplace injuries and facilitate a healthy return to work.
  • Acupuncture:
    Utilised for pain management and relaxation, our acupuncture treatments are performed by certified physiotherapists.
  • Therapeutic Yoga:
    Combining physiotherapy with yoga principles, these sessions enhance flexibility, strength, and mental well-being.
  • Shockwave Therapy:
    This non-invasive treatment is effective for chronic tendon issues and other soft tissue disorders.

Non-Invasive Treatments
In addition to manual therapy and exercise, we offer advanced non-invasive treatments to aid in pain relief and tissue healing:

  • Ostenil Joint Injection Therapy:
    This treatment involves injections that lubricate and restore function to joints affected by osteoarthritis.
  • Steroid Injection Therapy:
    Used for reducing inflammation, steroid injections are an option for acute and chronic conditions, providing significant relief.

Every treatment plan at Chester Wellness is developed based on the latest research and evidence in physiotherapy. We pride ourselves on our rigorous assessment techniques, which pinpoint the problem and identify contributing factors like lifestyle and biomechanics. This thorough understanding allows us to create effective, individualised treatment plans tailored to each patient’s unique situation.

Through our comprehensive services, Chester Wellness Centre remains dedicated to helping our patients achieve the best possible health outcomes, empowering them to lead active, pain-free lives. Whether you require rehabilitation from an injury or wish to prevent future health issues, our team is here to support you every step of the way.


Approach to Physiotherapy

At Chester Wellness Centre, our approach to physiotherapy is deeply rooted in a holistic perspective. We focus not only on treating specific symptoms but also on understanding and enhancing the overall health of our patients. This comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect of care is tailored to meet individual needs, facilitating effective and lasting results.

We believe optimal recovery from physical ailments involves more than just addressing the immediate symptoms. Our holistic approach integrates multiple facets of health and well-being, including:

We consider how your daily activities and lifestyle choices impact your physical health and tailor our advice and treatments to suit your circumstances.

Understanding the role of workplace and home ergonomics in your health, we guide modifications to prevent injuries and promote a healthier working and living environment.

Overall Health:
We assess and incorporate nutrition, stress management, and sleep quality into our treatment plans, recognising their influence on physical health and recovery.

Central to our practice is a client-centred care model, which prioritises each patient’s needs, goals, and preferences. This approach is characterised by:

Understanding Patient Needs:
We listen carefully to our patient’s physical issues and personal circumstances through comprehensive assessments.

Setting Expectations:
We discuss achievable goals and realistic outcomes to ensure that expectations are managed from the outset of the treatment process.

Fostering Open Communication:
We encourage ongoing dialogue between the patient and therapist, allowing for adjustments in treatment plans based on feedback and progress.

No two patients are the same, and neither are their treatment plans. Our tailored physiotherapy solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of each individual:

Customised Treatment Plans:
We create personalised therapy plans based on detailed assessments that address specific problems and aim to achieve personal health goals.

Flexible Treatment Options:
We recognise that different treatments work for other people. Therefore, we offer a wide range of therapeutic options and continually adapt them as needed.

Continuity of Care:
Our patients benefit from consistent care provided by the same therapist whenever possible, enhancing the understanding and relationship between patient and practitioner.


Physiotherapy at Chester Wellness

Physiotherapy at Chester Wellness Centre is about addressing current physical challenges and investing in your long-term health. Our therapeutic interventions are designed to provide enduring benefits, prevent future complications, and enhance the quality of life. Here’s how our physiotherapy services can make a profound difference:

Long-Term Benefits

Independence from Painkillers:
Our comprehensive treatment strategies are focused on alleviating pain through physical therapy rather than dependency on medication. This approach not only addresses the symptoms but also works to heal the root cause of the pain, reducing the need for painkillers and their associated side effects.

Avoidance of Surgery:
Physiotherapy effectively manages and resolves many musculoskeletal conditions. By strengthening the body and correcting dysfunctions, our treatments often reduce or eliminate the need for surgical intervention, thus avoiding the risks and extended recovery associated with surgery.

Enhanced Mobility:
Our targeted therapies and exercise programs are designed to improve flexibility, strength, and overall mobility. This enhancement in physical function is crucial for patients to return to their daily activities and enjoy a more active lifestyle without limitations.

Preventive Care and Early Intervention

Preventive care is a cornerstone of our practice at Chester Wellness. We believe that early detection and intervention are key to managing health effectively, preventing minor issues from developing into serious problems. Our physiotherapists are skilled in identifying potential risk factors and implementing preventive measures through:

Regular Assessments and Monitoring:
Keeping track of changes in your condition to adjust treatments proactively.

Education on Body Mechanics and Ergonomics:
Teaching patients how to engage in activities safely to avoid injuries.

Exercise Programs Tailored to Prevent Recurrence:
Strengthening exercises and conditioning routines specifically designed to prevent the recurrence of injuries.

Pain Management and Functional Improvement
The ultimate goal of our physiotherapy services is to enhance your quality of life. Effective pain management and significant functional improvements are achieved through:

Evidence-Based Therapeutic Techniques:
Utilising the latest research and techniques in physiotherapy to ensure the most effective treatment modalities are applied.

Holistic Treatment Approaches:
Incorporating various therapeutic methods such as manual therapy, modalities, and patient education to achieve comprehensive care.

Personalized Functional Training:
Focusing on activities and exercises that replicate daily tasks and hobbies ensures that improvements are felt during treatment sessions and reflected in everyday life.



Choosing physiotherapy can bring up many questions about what to expect from your sessions, the costs involved, and the types of conditions treated. Here, we address some of the most common queries to help you understand how Chester Wellness Centre can assist you on your path to recovery.

Q: What can I expect during my physiotherapy sessions?
Each session is tailored to your specific needs. Still, your first visit will typically involve a detailed assessment, during which your physiotherapist will discuss your medical history, symptoms, and any specific issues you are experiencing. Following this, a treatment plan will be devised. Depending on your condition, each session may include manual therapies, exercises, and possibly the use of modalities such as ultrasound or shockwave therapy.

Q: How long does each physiotherapy session last?
The duration of each session can vary depending on the treatment required. Typically, initial consultations last approximately 60 minutes to allow a full assessment and treatment planning. Subsequent sessions generally last between 30 to 45 minutes.

Q: What are the costs involved in physiotherapy?
Costs can vary depending on the treatment type and the session length. We recommend contacting Chester Wellness Centre for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information. We accept most major private care insurances, which can cover part or all of the cost of your treatment sessions.

Q: What results can I expect from physiotherapy?
Results vary depending on the individual condition and patient compliance with treatment and home exercise programs. However, our goal is always to reduce pain, enhance mobility, and improve your quality of life. Many patients notice improvement within a few sessions, but more chronic or severe conditions might take longer to respond to therapy.

Q: What types of conditions do you treat?
At Chester Wellness Centre, we treat a wide range of conditions including but not limited to:

  • Chronic ailments like arthritis and repetitive strain injuries.
  • Acute injuries include sprains, strains, and sports injuries.
  • Post-operative rehabilitation to aid recovery after surgery.
  • Specific conditions like back pain, neck pain, knee pain, and shoulder pain.

Q: What does follow-up care involve?
Follow-up care is crucial to ensure long-term success and prevent recurrence of injuries. It may include periodic check-ups, maintenance physiotherapy sessions, and updates to your home exercise program. We also provide ongoing support and education to help you manage your condition independently.

Our physiotherapists are dedicated to providing you with all the necessary tools and knowledge to continue progressing outside our clinic. We strive to empower our patients to maintain and build upon the improvements achieved during their physiotherapy sessions.


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