Ben Calder

Ben qualified as a kinesiologist in 2003, with his own interest in holistic health stemming back a further 10 years. Qualified in Bowen Technique since 2011 and completing exams in advanced Integral Theory in 2013, Ben has been using an Integral approach to health ever since.

He specialises in assessing health and well being and generating solutions to improve your vitality, functionality and capability so you can deliver 100% of the passion that drives you in a vehicle (your body/mind) fit for purpose. Ben can provide both physical and mental health re-training to help you be at the most optimum level of health you can attain using a range of integral and holistic approaches in a bespoke program to suit your aims and needs, to help make you better at doing what you do best. He runs regular classes in mindful movement and LifeForce Qigong, facilitates Shadow Self workshops on the hidden aspects of communication dynamics, Integral Relationship groups and has also lead classes on personal development, self-help techniques and a men’s support group.

His health Specialities include: Confidence & Self Esteem, Communication and Relationship Issues, Mindfulness and Meditation Techniques, Mindful Movement, Allergies, Pain (all forms), Digestive & Nutrition issues, Epigenetics and Functional Medicine, Migraines, Hormonal Issues for any age, Poor Energy Levels, Skin problems, support for Chronic Health Conditions.

Kinesiology communicates with the body using gentle non-invasive muscle testing. No two sessions are ever the same. In a single session a therapist may identify allergies  or chemical imbalances, release psychological or emotional stress and may give you advice on changes in lifestyle. Each session last around an hour and you lie down on a therapy couch fully clothed.


Kinesiology can be used for looking at Epigenetic factors (that which is above and triggers or influences your genetic expression). Our genetics are responding to many factors in our physical (as well as mental and emotional) environments, often leading to an excess of something that is detrimental, such as food toxins, chemicals, toxic metals, radiation, fungal toxins and other pathogens; or a lack of something such as a vitamin, mineral, essential fatty acid or oil, probiotics or digestive enzymes or other nutrients that support your health. Using the epigenetic protocols allows us to look at your functional biochemistry pathways to ensure that they are functioning optimum, regulating such things are your hormones, messenger chemicals, cell energy processes, metabolic and inflammation processes and more.

The body will naturally take in to account all of the things you are already doing and not doing to support your relative stability and suggest steps that will be supportive for you as an individual while being suitable to incorporate into your lifestyle without excessive demand for change.

Kinesiology can also be used to help us understand which foods could be most beneficial for your body, specifically tested for you and your current state of health. Whilst the body likes to obtain it’s nutrients from food, there can be imbalances which are most readily helped by taking a supplement for a period of time and kinesiology can be used to test not just which nutrient is needed, but the specific brand and amount that could be most beneficial, when to take it and with what, to ensure maximum uptake and the most efficient response by your body. Correct nutrition also provides the building blocks for the body to make the changes you want to see as a result of other kinesiology techniques or any therapy including Bowen Technique , MSTR , psychotherapy, physiotherapy and more.

Kinesiology can be used in conjunction with any other form of therapy, although ideally we have at least 1 week apart from any other intervention, and is a perfect adjunct to recovery or rehabilitation from any medical or health issue.


This highly skilled technique involves applying light pressure to a muscle and monitoring how it responds. This response is used to navigate the practitioner towards the most appropriate and priority procedure which is ideal for you right then.

The techniques are gentle and can involve looking at and generating solutions from any of the basic Integral Quadrants of Mind, Body, Relationships/Culture or Environment. The approach used at the Wellness Centre combines successfully over well 300 techniques, that all have a suitable place in practice to be used to support change in the body, mind and health. The muscle testing reveals which technique is a priority and how it should be applied for you as an individual for your unique health concerns.

As a therapy, Kinesiology is very gentle, non-invasive and can be used by all age groups. Because Kinesiology treats you as an individual, no two sessions are ever the same, even for people with similar issues of instability.