Laser and Skin Care Centre

Jane Bills

C.I.D.E.S.C.O., B.A.B.T.E.C., C.I.E.L., I.A.,
Aromatherapy Associates, BTEC – Laser,
Light & Associated Aesthetic Therapies,
Semi-permanent make-up therapist, Premi

Tel: 01244 680214



Using the most advanced and effective laser technology Chester Laser Aesthetics provides treatments for a range of skin conditions – lines and wrinkles, thread veins, rosacea, pigmentation, acne, verrucae and warts, and acne scarring. Our specialist laser therapists are qualified to the highest standard, experienced in laser application and have an extensive knowledge of skin care.

Prior to any treatment your skin condition is assessed and you will be advised on the appropriate course of treatment to achieve the best outcome. Our treatments use the latest N-Lite V laser technology and by combining this with the best non-surgical solutions astonishing results can be achieved.

All treatments have been FDA approved and have CE clearance for Europe. The Centre was set up under the regulation of the Care Quality Commission.


The latest Aesthetic Medical Device. A Radio Frequency (RF) machine with a difference. With 3 different arms delivering RF in 3 different ways to all layers of the skin. Clinical trials are outstanding ranging from 86% – 100% of patients receiving ‘Good to Excellent’ results. This is why so many Plastic Surgeons worldwide, use the machine in their clinics.

What it does…

FACIAL TIGHTENING – for lax skin, fine lines and wrinkles and lack lustre. The most in-demand treatments in the industry, EndyMed’s aesthetic solutions for face and neck lifting and tightening deliver exceptional immediate results that just get better after the last treatment. EndyMed provides clinically proven efficacy in wrinkle reduction and the most innovative solutions for non-surgical lifting and tightening for the eyes, face and neck.

INTENSIF – R F Microneedling for deep lines and wrinkles, poor texture, lax skin and scars. EndyMed’s RF Microneedling treatments are superior to all other microneedle treatments today, and unlike all other microneedle applicators in the market today, only EndyMed’s RF Microneedle handpiece has unique smooth glide needle insertion technology that provides comfortable and safe treatments with no bruising, bleeding or side-effects.

FRACTIONAL RF -for fine lines and wrinkles, damaged skin, crepey skin. EndyMed’s Fractional RF treatments are a unique and effective way to rejuvenate and resurface, tone and tighten the skin. Delivering RF energy deep into the skin, EndyMed’s Fractional RF treatments can be used on all skin types and colours without risks of damage or hyperpigmentation, leaving the skin with visible improvement even after the first treatment, with no downtime.


At any age a skin condition may be a great source of psychological and emotional distress and our aim is to use our knowledge and skills to offer treatments which can help our clients feel more confident in themselves.

Whatever your condition – scarring, ageing skin, pigmentation, verrucae or warts, acne – there is a course of treatment for you. The treatment programme will be explained to you and you will be advised as to the results that may be expected, including the time needed for the effect to be seen. Depending on your condition some treatments give results quite quickly, others may take longer. Whatever your problem, with our care and treatments your skin can be left feeling healthy, smooth and blemish free.