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Our health needs and concerns are unique, necessitating an approach that not only treats the symptoms but also understands the individual. Personalised healthcare offers a tailored medical experience that places the patient at the centre of every decision, ensuring better health outcomes and a more connected, comprehensive health journey.

With this philosophy in mind, Chester Wellness Centre proudly introduces its newest member – Dr. Henry Seddon. With a rich tradition rooted in family practice, Dr. Seddon brings a commitment to individualised care, ensuring that every patient, whether they’re an individual, a couple, or a family group, receives the attention and expertise they deserve.


Family Practice in Modern Healthcare

In an age dominated by advanced technologies and specialised medicine, the essence of traditional family practices might seem like a relic of the past. However, their significance remains as profound today as it ever was. Traditional family practices are the bedrock upon which many health systems were built, encapsulating a holistic approach that considers not just the illness but the person and their environment.

The belief that healthcare should be comprehensive, continuous, and personal is central to such practices. It’s not just about treating an illness; it’s about understanding the entire gamut of a patient’s life – their family history, lifestyle, challenges, and aspirations. This provides a nuanced understanding, enabling doctors to anticipate, prevent, and manage health issues with an astuteness that fragmented care often lacks.

Dr. Henry Seddon, whose practice breathes life into this age-old tradition. His approach is a nod to this timeless medical art form, where individual patients, couples, or entire family groups are welcomed and treated with tailored care. Rather than just being a name on a file or a ten-minute slot in a day’s schedule, patients are seen as they indeed are: individuals with histories, stories, and futures.


Services Offered by Dr. Henry Seddon (RedWing)

Individuals’ medical needs vary, and Dr. Seddon’s offerings at the Chester Wellness Centre reflect a rich tapestry of services tailored to every aspect of health.

General Appointments & Consultations

Private healthcare allows for an intimacy and specificity in treatment that’s hard to parallel.

Private Prescriptions & Non-NHS Medication:
This allows patients to access a wider range of treatments, ensuring that the prescription perfectly matches individual needs without being restricted by NHS limitations.

Private Referrals:
Streamlining the process, private referrals ensure faster access to specialists, cutting down on waiting times and expediting treatment.

Comprehensive Testing & Diagnosis:
With access to state-of-the-art blood testing, diagnostic imaging, and more, patients are guaranteed thorough evaluations. Furthermore, the availability of medical second opinions ensures that patients can confidently make informed decisions.

Health Screenings for Proactive Healthcare

Regular screenings are pivotal in proactive healthcare.

Health Checks & Screenings:
These periodic evaluations are crucial in early detection and prevention of potential health issues.

Specialised Screenings:
The Well Man & Woman Health Screenings provide gender-specific evaluations, offering insights into health concerns specific to men and women.

Overseas Assessments:
For those looking to travel or work abroad, the visa medical examinations and overseas work assessments ensure they’re fit and prepared for their ventures.

Specialised Medical Services

Addressing specific medical needs, Dr. Seddon offers a range of specialised services.

Travel Clinic:
Tailored advice on travel medications and vaccinations ensures patients are safeguarded against potential health risks abroad.

Allergy Testing & Treatment:
With rising allergies, comprehensive testing and targeted treatments are more important than ever.

Addiction Services:
Recognising the complex nature of addiction, services range from prescription addiction clinics to holistic counselling and therapies.

Weight Management:
Offering a spectrum of solutions from dietary and lifestyle guidance to surgical options, ensuring every individual finds their path to optimal health.

Comprehensive Medical Coverage and Registration

Becoming a private patient with Dr. Seddon offers multiple benefits. Not only does it ensure personalised care, but it also provides streamlined access to all available services, fostering a robust and continuous patient-doctor relationship.

Sexual Health Clinic

Sexual health is an integral facet of overall well-being.

STD & Sexual Health Screenings:
Routine screenings are pivotal in early detection and treatment, ensuring healthy intimate relationships.

HIV Testing & Screening:
Early detection and management can significantly improve outcomes for those affected.

HPV Vaccinations:
Proactively safeguarding against one of the leading causes of cervical cancer reinforces the emphasis on preventive care.

Dr. Seddon’s private gp services underscore a commitment to holistic healthcare, marrying the best of modern medicine with the warmth and attentiveness of traditional practice.


Choosing a Private GP Service

The choice between public and private healthcare can often be influenced by numerous factors, from waiting times to the quality of facilities. Opting for personal GP services, like those offered by Dr Henry Seddon at the Chester Wellness Centre, brings forth many advantages tailored to elevate the healthcare experience. Here’s a closer look at what patients stand to gain:

Personalised Attention:

Patients can sometimes feel like just another number in the vast machinery of public healthcare. Private GP services, on the other hand, offer a personalised touch where each patient’s concerns are heard, understood, and addressed meticulously. This tailored approach ensures:

  • Comprehensive understanding of patient histories.
  • Customised treatment plans suited to individual needs.
  • An environment where patients feel valued, leading to a more collaborative doctor-patient relationship.

Speed and Efficiency:

One of the hallmarks of private GP services is the swiftness with which medical processes are executed. The benefits are manifold:

  • The timelines are significantly shorter, whether it’s getting an appointment or undergoing a diagnostic test.
  • Need to see a specialist? Private services ensure you’re quickly connected to the right expert without lengthy delays.
  • Post-treatment reviews or check-ups are streamlined, ensuring continuous and timely care.

Broad Spectrum of Services and Treatments:

Private GP services typically provide a wider repertoire of treatments and services, many of which might be limited or unavailable in public setups. This expansiveness guarantees:

  • Access to the newest and most advanced medical treatments and technologies.
  • From unique screenings to niche treatments, private GPs offer a broad array of specialised services, ensuring holistic care.
  • With a broader range of services available, treatment plans can be more comprehensive, targeting every aspect of an individual’s health.

In summary, the choice to opt for private GP services, like those offered by Dr Seddon, presents a pathway to healthcare that is not only medically superior but also deeply personal and efficient. It’s a journey where the patient remains at the helm, guided by expertise and anchored by compassion.


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